Leap Transformation Method

Close more sales with this one strategy

Close more sales with this one strategy

Every sales manager loves it when their teams have good sales performance.

When you’re able to close deals and reach targets, it feels great!

But what happens when all of a sudden, sales begin to slump, and your team becomes discouraged and unmotivated?

Do you respond with incentives, training, or mentorship opportunities?

While these are great strategies to implement, they can sometimes miss the mark of what’s really going on below the surface.

One of the most important factors in achieving success is… mindset.

But we’re not just talking about positive thinking here.

We’re talking about rewiring the brain so that you develop a deep-rooted belief in yourself and your abilities.

In order to be successful, your sales team must have a solid foundation of self-belief.

So how do you achieve this?

We know you want to help your salespeople reach and maintain peak performance, and we’ve designed a simple and fun way to make that a reality.

With LEAP Transformation™, your team can use our online gamified portal to set and achieve their goals. Our neuroscience-based portal offers users a stimulating and engaging experience as they define their goals, do brain exercises to achieve them, and define clear action steps.

As they work on rewiring their mindset and solidifying their self-belief, your employees will see a positive shift in their client interactions as well as their ability to confidently and consistently reach, and even surpass, sales targets.

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Over the years, I’ve worked with Jenny and her team to improve my mindset and achieve my personal and professional goals. I am always amazed at the positive outcomes I experience! Working with Jenny is a true pleasure and I highly recommend working with her team for any challenges you are facing!
~ Rosemarie J. Litoff

To the wellbeing and success of your staff and company,

Jenny and the Balanced You team 
“It’s not magic, it’s science.”

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