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Nearly 50% of American workers are affected by this…

Nearly 50% of American workers are affected by this 😱

You’ve likely heard of biases having to do with gender, age, and name, but have you ever heard of the halo or horns effect bias?

What about confirmation or conformity bias?

There is a long list of unconscious biases that occur every day in the workplace.

The truth is, many people, employers in this case, have biases that they’re not even aware of, and employees are being impacted in big ways.

According to one employment discrimination statistic61% of US employees have experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination.


As an employer, how do you overcome what you may not even be aware of?

Since most of the biases we have are subconscious, we need to identify our normal thought and belief patterns before we can adjust them.

With LEAP Transformation™, our clients are able to pinpoint and reprogram unhelpful thought patterns at the cellular level.

This means you can overcome unconscious biases that are simply part of your nature and long-held beliefs based on your upbringing and past experiences.

By taking steps to uncover hidden biases and working to reprogram them so they align with your core leadership qualities, you will be on your way to leading healthier and happier teams.

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“Working with Jenny and her team has been amazing. Not only have I been able to overcome serious limiting beliefs and thought patterns that greatly interfered with my personal and professional life, but I’ve gained such extraordinary results that I’ve referred my friends and family to her and the team as well!” ~ Orlando Javien

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