Leap Transformation Method

Can’t we all just get along?

Can’t we all just get along?

While conflict can be a healthy, and even a necessary part of all relationships, it can also lead to big headaches in the workplace.

From differences in personality to poor communication, conflict in the workplace often results in:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Project failure
  • Emotional stress
  • Work disruptions

And so much more.

As a leader, managing conflicts is one of your built-in job descriptions and something you need to be prepared for.

The question is, how do you encourage long-term authentic change among your staff so they can work together despite their differences?

To do this, employees must have the ability to think outside themselves.

In order to come together on an idea or goal, they must be open to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Not always easy, but totally possible!

You can easily find and implement a number of strategies to address some of your workplace conflicts, however, a more permanent solution would save you hundreds of hours of conflict resolution, unnecessary stress, and loss of productivity.

We want to help!

With LEAP Transformation™, clients achieve dramatic and long-term shifts in their thought patterns and behaviors using a process that is backed by science.

This is the perfect opportunity for your staff to resolve their own internal and external conflicts with little to no mediation by you.

Yep. Your staff can use our gamified platform to rewire deeply rooted thoughts so they’re able to develop healthier and broader perspectives that will lead to better relationships and outcomes in both their personal and professional life.

Want to learn more?

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“Before working with Jenny and her team, I was unable to focus or complete tasks. My relationships were suffering, and I felt constantly overwhelmed. Now, I’m able to concentrate on important things and I feel hopeful, motivated, and energized. Best of all, I enjoy positive relationships with others. Thank you!” ~ Littie

To the wellbeing and success of your staff and company,

Jenny and the Balanced You team 
“It’s not magic, it’s science.”

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