Leap Transformation Method

What’s really behind your staff’s smiles?

What’s really behind your staff’s smiles?​

Although depression is not a topic any of us enjoys discussing, it is a real issue that begs our attention, especially in the workplace.

Behind some of those smiling faces and seemingly happy employees are people who are actually in a place of deep pain, who’ve simply learned the art of masking. 

Because most people suffer in silence, it can be hard to know how to help.

As a leader, you want the best for your employees and you want to be able to support them on every level.

You may already have some resources in place that employees can turn to for help.

On-site gyms, healthy lunch options, and wellness programs are terrific employee incentives and can be very helpful for maintaining well-being among your staff.

Addressing depression, however, requires a different approach.

By providing strategic resources that are safe, personalized, and designed to address emotions on a deeper level, you can help your employees to effectively heal and manage their pain.

We want to help you achieve this.

Through an interactive system that prompts and helps users clarify their current state, our process includes customized exercises that shift thoughts and feelings on a cellular level.

With LEAP Transformation™ your staff can get the help they need through proven strategies backed by science.

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“Since working with Jenny and her team, I am more light-hearted, confident, and I find it easier to connect with others. Things that once bothered me no longer have the same impact and I am able to succeed at levels I never knew possible. I am so thankful to my boss for investing in me and helping me to achieve this new growth. The sky’s the limit!” ~ Claudia, Insurance Sales

To the wellbeing of your staff and company, 

Jenny and the Balanced You team 
“It’s not magic, it’s science.”

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