Leap Transformation Method

Upcoming meetings have you feeling anxious?

Upcoming meetings have you feeling anxious? 😬

Do you have an upcoming meeting that you cannot stop thinking about?

Not only may it be keeping you up at night, but it’s likely interfering with your daily tasks and making you feel like a constant ball of nerves.

This is not a healthy (or ideal) way to live, even temporarily.

Here’s how it works: your subconscious thoughts (the loudest, most persistent thoughts you have) will often consist of a lot of stinking thinking.

If you’re feeling anxious, your subconscious brain will feed you thoughts that seem to make it worse. Questions such as “What if something goes wrong?” and “What will everyone think?” can be relentless.

Exhausting, right?

The exciting news is that you have the ability to get in the driver’s seat of your brain so that rather than your brain controlling you, you control it.

We have the tools to help!

With LEAP Transformation™, you can shift any thought.

Using a personalized and gamified approach, our clients identify problem areas to work on so they can enjoy a transformational experience in their personal and professional lives.

Most clients see immediate results. 😊

The next time you or your staff have an important meeting, you can look forward to it with confidence and ease.

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“I can hardly put into words the difference working with Jenny and her team has made in my life. After a year of struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings, I’ve been able to enjoy consistent quality sleep – it’s marvelous! I have better focus, motivation, and stamina. Thanks, Jenny!” ~ Dave

To the wellbeing of your staff and company, 

Jenny and the Balanced You team 
“It’s not magic, it’s science.”

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